5 Great Places to Donate for Earth Day

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It’s a brand new year, and Earth Day is just around the corner. A time for outdoor fun, rejoicing in the sun and saving mother earth. Right? Well, if you’re like me and have the urge to do some good this year, you may be pondering the same questions. How can I really make a difference? What can I do to help?

Taking into account busy schedules and Easter shenanigans, our beloved Earth Day may not be on your radar until it’s already here. But have no fear! Here are some tips on a few great Atlanta based places to donate this Earth Day!

Source: Keep Georgia Beautiful

Keep Georgia Beautiful

The Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation is truly dedicated to making Georgia a clean and beautiful place. They support 78 local affiliates in building sustainable communities by way of recycling, community greening, litter prevention, waste reduction and water resource management. You can support these efforts and even find a nearby affiliate to get involved.

Source: Trees Atlanta

Trees Atlanta

Since ‘85 this widely known non-profit has worked hard to address Atlanta’s tree loss. Their sole purpose is to protect and improve Atlanta's urban forest by planting, conserving and educating. They have great tree education programs, volunteer opportunities and several ways to donate, including gift trees and an annual plant sale! In fact, April 20 will be their next Native Plant Sale just in time for Earth Day!

Source: SnowmanRadio

GA Wildlife Federation

The Georgia Wildlife Federation is dedicated to managing and protecting our land, water and wildlife. Through activism and community encouragement, they focus on keeping the public aware of what affects our natural resources and promoting outdoor ethics for farmers and hunters. You can encourage their mission through a donation or by lending a helping hand this Saturday, April 20th, by stopping by to participate in wetland restoration!

Source: Mike Gonzalez

National Park Service

The NPS has a strong involvement in the protection and preservation of our beautiful Chattahoochee River! The team at the rivers’ National Recreation Area maintains a space for education, park activities and wildlife awareness available to the public. You can send some extra love to the Chattahoochee by supporting this work.

Source: Steve Swieter

Hands on Atlanta

Hands on Atlanta is all about providing people or companies with the opportunity to make a difference in their community. With a solid network of nonprofits affecting both environmental and social change, you can get involved or donate your support. Their promise: every $1 donated produces $4 in volunteer impact!

There are so many ways to make a difference in Georgia's environment, even if you’re keeping it short and sweet. So whether you are on the go or loving up on your local park, you can use this list to get you on track. Now, Earth Day is destined to be a success!

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