5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

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Moving into your first home is an experience with all kinds of emotions. You can feel excited, overwhelmed, liberated and stressed all at the same time! Now that you’ve graduated from college, accepted that dream job or just gotten back from the honeymoon, it’s time to start designing your new space to create the inviting home you’ve always dreamed of owning. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options out there for decorating your first home, but we’ve narrowed it down to five easy-to-follow steps to make the process as simple as possible.

5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

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1. Start with a Clean Out

Before you even begin thinking of the new home, take the opportunity to have a good clean out of all the belongings you have now. You’ll be surprised by how much stuff you’ve curated over the years! Try to rid your belongings of anything you know you haven’t used in the past 6 months. This is the perfect chance to start fresh and get excited about the new items you’ll be putting in your space. Less truly is more. Prioritize a few sentimental treasures you know you'll want to use in your new space, and get rid of any unnecessary junk. Sell your old stuff online, donate items to your local charity or host a garage sale!

5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

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2. Staple Furniture Pieces

Next it’s time to think about the big items. Start with your bedroom and work from there. When thinking about a bed frame and headboard, choose a piece that fits the size and scale of the room, matches your personality and will last through the years. If you have the budget, add some coordinating window treatments to bring the room together and make a huge difference in your room visually. As you move into the living room, choose a sofa to fit the needs of the space. If the room is smaller, try a loveseat or settee as to not overwhelm the space. The Dovetail Furniture Nesbit Settee or Vanguard Logan Settee work great for smaller spaces. If your living area is on the larger size, match the space in scale with a sectional sofa to weigh the room evenly. We recommend choosing a color and fabric that is neutral, timeless and classic so your furniture can be used for years to come.

5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

Shown here: Kasuri Rug in Ivory & Tuscan Clay.

3. All in the Details

A key tip to remember when decorating your new space is to really focus on the details. You can stay in your budget by choosing great hardware and lighting pieces that evoke class and style. Details like cabinet handles and paint are typically overlooked by new homeowners since the focus is often on storage and larger furniture pieces, but don’t be afraid to change these details around to transform your space. A drab bathroom can be completely transformed with new lighting like a pair of sconces or stunning pendant.

5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

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4. Fight the Urge to Match

Despite what you may see while shopping in home furniture stores, not everything in your space has to be a part of a matching set. It’s great to have a couple of pieces that match in color or wood grain, but too much of the exact same can make your home look more like a showroom and remove your personality altogether. Coordination should be used in scale, proportion and balance and not as focused on making every item match a wheel of colors.

5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

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5. Adorn with Accents

Now that the foundation is set, make your space feel like your home with playful additions that speak to your personal style. This is where it’s safe to pick some trendy pieces that you adore. Whether that’s a funky throw pillow or a decorative coffee table tray, complete your space with the items that make you excited to come home every day! These fun pieces can be swapped out for others as your style evolves, so have fun playing around with fun pops of color and texture that make your house feel like a home.

5 Tips for Decorating Your First Home

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