Let's Get Away! Vacation Homes

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Did someone say a vacation? There truly is nothing like a summer home to provide the dream escape from reality and ultimate decor inspiration. Whether you own a vacation home or not, there’s no harm in dreaming up your ideal decor by grabbing inspiration from some of the best in the business. From a dream home in the Hamptons to a city escape downtown, create your ideal space by stealing tips and tricks from these coveted favorites.

Beach House Decor

Source: CountryLiving | Miki Duisterhof

Beachhouse Beauties

When you think vacation, does your mind immediately drift to soft sand beaches with rolling waves and serene sunsets? The classic staple of vacation, beach side escapes are a classic go-to when it comes to vacation getaways. Whether you head to a tropical island or the Gulf Coast, the bottom line is a beach house escape is hard to beat. The key to a beach home that immediately puts you at ease is clean lines and a neutral color palette. Think open-air kitchens, classically styled furniture, and plenty of linen. You can add in tasteful aspects of coastal decor for that modern beach house flair. Texture is key for this, and details of rattan or rope can help complete the look.

Lake House Decor

Source: House Beautiful | Anne Hepfer

Lake House Luxury

If the lake is more your speed for the dream vacation getaway, we recommend indulging in a space that helps bring the outdoors in. Look for spaces that offer plenty of windows for an area that brings the beauty of the atmosphere into the space. Another tip is to mix dark and light wood for a rustic lake-side look that embraces the cabin-feel without being too literal. The perfect lake house provides plenty of comfortable seating for hosting plenty of people inside, especially when the weather might not cooperate, so we love a space that has an abundance of inviting sofas, plush seating, and plenty of blankets and throws to go around.

Cityscape Decor

Source: AwesomeHome | Mijatheblog

Cityscape Dreams

For a vacation that promises plenty of activity and exploring, head to the city for a fun escape. A must-have for any city escape apartment? A breathtaking view. Prioritize a space with plenty of windows, or ideally, an outdoor terrace or patio, to take in the city skyline! Sometimes the best way to style your city getaway is to let the view take center stage with minimalist decor. Embracing all things modern and industrial, the dream city escape features an open floor plan with cozy details to make the space still feel like home. For example, think industrial style lighting with warm rugs underfoot. A monochromatic color scheme with touches of texture or rich colors can make all the difference in creating your space.

So whether you’re taking your vacation days to the seaside or the lakeside, you can take these tips and tricks to select a vacation home that will truly make your space feel like a getaway. The space you choose to spend your vacation in should put you at ease, and these beautifully-styled homes make us never want to leave! Once the trip is over, take inspiration from the space back to your own home to make every day feel a little bit more like vacation!

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