How to Set the Perfect Mood with your Lighting

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Emmy Noel is a writer and an editor. She is from Bergen County in New Jersey and she graduated from Montclair State University in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She enjoys writing about architecture, home decor, home remodeling and do-it-yourself projects. She has a passion for environmental preservation and animal rights. In her spare time, she likes to read fiction and relax with her two dogs, Lucy and Ricky.

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. We looked to guest writer, Emmy Noel from House Tipster, to give us a new perspective on how to choose the right light fixtures for your space.

One of the best avenues for homeowners to finely transform and bring their homes to a new level of ambiance is through lighting. It is also a sure way to set the best mood to welcome your guests or to craft a haven of comfort for yourself. Lighting has the magical ability to emanate or provoke various emotional reactions that can add a perfect touch of cheerfulness to your house party or get your dinner revved up for romance.

Lighting comes in different shapes and sizes, and may include lamps, fluorescents, LED bulbs, chandeliers, ceiling mounts and many more. As a matter of fact, you can create a perfect mood for any scene with these lighting tools.

Whether ambient lighting, accent or background lighting, each nook and cranny of your home needs one or two of these types. The effects of no lighting in your rooms are important to consider, as it has the potential of making your room look cold, archaic, and can dampen your feeling of excitement. When looking to reset your room’s lighting, think far and wide about the purpose and how specifically it will be used, night and day. Is such a room meant for studying, or partying, or working? Depending on the purpose, you should know the exact types of lighting tools to go for.

Here, we give you top lighting tips and ideas to set the perfect mood for your room and home. When intricately applied, you can be sure to impress your loved ones and guests along with boosting your height of coziness and enjoyment.

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Friends Treats

With friends comes every sense of excitement and joy and as such, the room’s mood must align with this. Brighter lighting will create a cheerful atmosphere and an exciting mood which would in-turn inspire activities and individual readiness. Generally, people don’t find it likable to have bright light directly shone on them, therefore, lighting should be faced towards the walls and specific spots that sparks interest. As an example, you can have your light focused on a piece of artwork, a bookcase, or an amusing part of your home.

You can also use lighting to accentuate textures in your home such that the light shines on crystal or precious stone allowing the reflection that follows to boost your homes' liveliness. Shadow casts are also an effective method for sparking visual interest in your home, especially when they are focused on a wall through a bright light.

Another effective technique is using colors but conservatively and moderately. Reds, oranges, and yellows are termed warmed and when strategically applied, they can heighten the levels of cheerfulness and warmth all around your room.

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Pre-Bedtime Procedure

There is always a process of transitioning from a position of alertness to that of rest and calmness when it is almost bedtime. Virtually everyone experiences this, and lighting can sure be an important player in achieving this mood change. Lights with dim brightness can help you shift from the alertness of the day. If you are the type that loves to stay in bed while reading, you can adjust the lamp to a brightness good enough for reading without having to strain your eyes. The light in other parts of the room can also be brought to a lower level that still allows you to move around without bumping into obstacles.

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Entertaining Guests

Your home’s entry point is the best place to make a good first impression. It is the perfect place to send a message of style and elegance, as well as, create the tone for the proceedings. Two popular choices for those who have entrance halls in their homes are big chandeliers or large-sized light fixtures. With the right lighting, you can help your guests adapt from the bright daylight to the cheered interior, and thus set them up for pleasant moments of conversation and interest. For instance, the entrance of your home in bright daylight mustn’t be so dark that it takes your guest a lot of time to adjust to environment change. On the same note, it mustn’t be so bright and sparkling during the night that your guests get stunned when entering your home since they are coming from the dark.

People gravitate naturally to areas with more illumination, thus, you can direct your guest on if you employ the perfect lighting to your advantage. Expose the beauty of your artwork and designs of your room by reflecting direct light on them. You can lead your guest on a path through your home and, therefore, you should make sure to provide enough lighting in those areas.

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Loved Up Dinner

For creating romantic scenery in preparation for a dinner with your loved one, lighting that ensures a calmed and intimate atmosphere is needed. In general, having lighting levels reduced to the barest minimum does a great deal. A few choices of warm and soft light both on the walls and on the dining table can boost a feeling of romance and also improve the mood. Two tips you can use for setting the perfect mood for romance are to ensure the upper walls stay dark and keep light sources concealed. Dimmers are better used on overhead lights when setting the mood for your romantic dinner, and we recommend staying away from using fluorescents.

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Candles fit into a lot of places at home and are an important tool for setting an atmosphere that demonstrates love, calmness, and solitude. They are best used at home for dinners as well as bedtime. If you are the type that loves to reminiscence before falling asleep, having candles lit and set at specific points (or at your reach) in your bedroom will do a great deal. However, to avoid any risk of fire hazard in case you sleep off before extinguishing, it is best to always use candle holders specifically designed for such purposes.

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