Learn How to Earn: PLD Reward Points Program

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Peace, Love & Decorating is dedicated to giving back to the customers that make everything we do possible. One way we like to give to our customers is through our PLD Reward Points Program. Every time you sign in and shop with us, you have the ability to earn points. One dollar spent equals one point earned ($1 is 1 point). Once you have reached 500 points you can use them like cash at checkout to receive $25 off your order! Sounds pretty great right?

Log in to your account to view your PLD reward points

So how do you keep track of your points?
When you sign into to your Customer Account, you have the ability to track how many points you have earned overtime. It is also important to note, you will only be able to collect points if you are signed into your account. That way, we can identify you are a returning customer and add all your points together. You can sign in or sign up by clicking here. Unsure if you have an account? Feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.

Use your reward points like cash at checkout

How can you use your points?
After you are logged into your account, you can use your PLD points on the checkout page as a form of payment. Simply scroll down below the credit card and Paypal payment options and select the Reward Points dropdown. There you will be able to enter the amount of points you would like to use and tap apply. The appropriate amount will be deducted from your total cost, and you will then have the ability to pay your remaining balance with a different form of payment.

Every dollar spent earns you reward points

How many points can you earn?
You can earn as many points as you like! PLD Points never expire and can be spent in increments of 500. (500pts is $25 off, 1000pts is $50 off, 1500pts. is $75 off etc.)

Use your PLD Reward Points at check out to get a discount on your order

Some other notes about the PLD Reward Points Program:

  • Points can be combined with coupon codes and promotions unless otherwise stated.
  • Members of our To the Trade Program are not eligible to collect PLD Points.
  • Points will be added and removed accordingly for orders that are cancelled, returned or exchanged.