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What’s one element of home design that you tend to dread most? For many, it’s the task of figuring out how to best combine your pillows on your couch in a way that strikes that perfect balance between “I didn’t even try” and “I’m an interior designer.” A universal struggle for many home decorators, pillow pairing is a great skill that once conquered, can serve you well in any space you need to decorate. With a few helpful tips and tricks under your belt, you’ll be set to style any piece of furniture in your home.

Source: Elements of Style

Simple Formula

The best way to approach pairing your pillows effectively is with a fool-proof formula. Number one? Start with a strong solid. It can include a trim or not, the details can depend on your specific aesthetic. Step two is to add in an organic element. Whether a floral, ikat, or another pattern, choosing an interesting organic-looking pattern balances out the solid. The third step in the formula is a small scale pillow that can be either geometric or a stripe. Think along the lines of a lumbar accent pillow. You can reference the helpful graphic above for a more visual representation.

A Few Do’s & Don’ts

For starters, when in doubt, take a pillow out. There’s nothing worse than a couch or bed too overcrowded with throw pillows. Never have your pillows be all the same size, scale of pattern, or material. Variety is key to a great pillow ensemble. A great rule of thumb to follow is that as you move in towards the center of the couch, the throw pillows in general should get smaller.

Shown Here: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines | Pillows - Hunter, Giselle, and Emilia

Pattern Play Examples

Looking for some examples to go by? We’ve got you covered. For a cool toned color palette, start with a bold central colored pillow like this Wildwood Laredo pillow in blue. Next, bring in some pattern play with the Wildwood Acoma. Complete the look with some interest and texture with Lili Alessandra's Ribbon Blue pillow. Looking to work with more neutrals? Start off with the Wildwood Laredo in tan. For the second layer, work with the small Wildwood Cheyenne. To add in an accent piece and balance out the harsh leather, add in the Lili Alessandra's chestnut fur pillow. Another great option for a neutral color palette is to play with different faded pastels. For a bedroom or guest room, we love to play on the faded blush color palette. Mix with different patterns and textures with the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Haven, Saville and Pippin pillows. A helpful tip for a more monochromatic theme of pillows is to balance out the neutrals with a solid black. This pillow has black detailing that helps to ground the color scheme.

So overall, if you stick to the simple formula and add in a few fun extras, you'll be set in creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Don't get intimidated by the options, and instead embrace the opportunity to fall back in love with your cozy space all over again!

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