Spring Cleaning: What Should You Let Go?

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This spring, do your home the favor of getting everything cleared away. The annual spring cleaning rubdown doesn't have to be a massive chore, especially if you already work regularly to keep the home in tip-top shape. Sometimes, all it takes is a few simple but often-overlooked tasks to give your home a fresh feel.

Vacuuming, dusting, etc. are all small chores we do on a regular basis. Spring cleaning should be focused on decluttering and more unique tasks. To make matters easier, we've compiled a simple list of three things to remember to do during your annual clean that could be overlooked.

This spring, go easy on yourself. The most important part is having a home you love at the end of the day.

Marie Kondo Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Book

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1. Tidy up Clutter

Over time, we collect a lot of items. Whether these are magazines we plan to read or throw pillows we got as gifts, we eventually just amass a lot of stuff. The most important of spring cleaning is figuring what to do with all of the extra clutter. Keeping everything is easy and throwing things out you kind of wanted can be difficult. This is where Marie Kondo's method comes into play.

An organizational expert, Marie Kondo is the author of the best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Her method is centered keeping the things that bring you joy and throwing out the things that don't. After going through the home methodically with this method in mind, decluttering the house may be easier than previously expected.

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2. Change Wall Displays

If you have a lot of photos or art on the walls, you may just put these wherever they'll fit until there's no more room. However, a wall display can change the mood of the whole room, and having the display cluttered can make the rest of the room feel cluttered, too. Aligning the photos and making proper displays can really brighten the place up.

This method isn't considered cleaning as much as freshening up the area. But getting rid of what you don't need or want can make a big difference in the feel of your home design. To make the display nice, make sure the frames hang at eye level unless you have very high ceilings. Don't be afraid to play with patterns, shapes or different kinds of frames. You can display your unique personality in a trendy, refreshing way.

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3. Clean the Upholstery

Cleaning the soft furnishings in your home is a yearly task to make the home always seem fresh and new. Besides upholstery, you should also tackle rugs, curtains and slipcovers. Cleaning and laundering these items won't be too difficult, but some can't be done at home. Large rugs, for example, will need a professional's touch.

Slipcovers should be cleaned or replaced depending on their condition. Curtains will have to be cleaned, but luckily, there is a trick to white curtains. White curtains and other clothes can be dried outside on a line to ensure they whiten naturally. This process can help make a surprising difference, especially in how they tie a room together.

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Keep Cleaning

Of course, this post couldn’t possibly cover every spring cleaning task. There are lots of other parts of the home to clean, like mirrors, glass fixtures, porches and much more. The kitchen and restrooms are whole colossals on their own.

But cleaning the house in the spring can be done, and your home will thank you for completing the job. Coming home to such a nice display with a fresh outlook can be more rewarding than you might expect. So if you aren't sure where to start, the point is to just start. Take down the curtains, throw out some clutter and let your house breathe again.