The Good and The Bad, Home Decor From the 80's

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We’re officially going back to the future with all-things 80's decor. A decade that truly stands on its own, the 80's set the tone with plenty of glass, brass, and pastels to go around. While there are plenty of things we’re happy to leave in the 80's, (mainly the over-the-top window treatments), we’re also taking some cues from the decked out decade to bring into our homes today. Here’s a list of a few good (and bad) trends from the 1980's. Can you guess which one is which? 

Prints, Prints, & More Prints

From banana leaf print to anything Laura Ashley-esque, the 80's are characterized by an all out print pandemonium. While the floral fits were fun, we’re more than happy to leave this excess of prints in the past. One of the boldest takes on this trend was the floral print bedding that somehow managed to overtake every bedroom in the house. We’re all about a pop of print to add interest, but this all out obsession in every room is one trend we’re leaving behind.

Seeing Clearly

Clear furniture became all the rage thanks to the art decor trends that swept the 1980's. Lucite was just about everywhere you looked, and this collection of semi-invisible furniture quickly turned to the over the top. The clear furniture trend has come full circle with the more minimalistic-style of home decor trending today, so we’ll place this trend in the good category. Don’t overdo it and make your home a lucite wonderland, but a few well-placed clear pieces can really open up a room. Fully glass tables or acrylic pieces can add a modern look to a space that doesn’t overdo it. Think a chic coffee table or small vanity piece.

Blinded by the Light

There’s nothing that screams 80's quite like a set of vertical blinds. We’ll stop you right there and go ahead and proclaim that this trend is on the “bad” list that we hope never makes a reappearance. Popular when home decor was all about the modern look, vertical blinds are just as unsightly as they are dysfunctional in regards to their window coverage. Switch into the current day with horizontal blinds and go ahead and take down any of those oversized and extravagant drapes while you’re at it!

Bold & Brass

This 80's trend of any and everything brass is making its way back in a more subtle way. We’re keeping brass on our “good” list since we love the pop of a few brass pieces in a room. From hardware to light fixtures, this metal can transform a space with added elegance and interest. Furniture pieces complete with brass detailing give a room a modern touch without trying too hard, and that’s why this 80's trend has stuck around. Chairs like this Phillips Scott chair combine traditional style with modern details for a style that will last for decades to come!

From the good to the bad, the 80's were filled with plenty of style to pull inspiration from. Take a cue from this list when deciding how to revamp your home, and enjoy a sweet blast from the past!

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