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A History of Animal Print in Interior Design

by | Saturday, April 7, 2018

Vintage, traditional, or modern? Animal prints can be such a versatile accent that it's difficult to say! Animal hides, exotic leopard, cheetah, and zebra prints, and even taxidermy have all had their day in the design world. Let's take a look back through the history of animal print in interior design, starting with... Hunter Gatherers We can thank cavemen for starting the animal print trend we know today. Animals furs and pelts were originally worn as protection from the elements. Over time,...

How to Decorate for the Fall Season with Faux Fur

by | Saturday, October 7, 2017

As the leaves begin to change and the first signs of fall finally arrive, we can’t contain our excitement for the coziest season! From pumpkin patches to warm candles and watching plenty of football games in the living room, fall is the perfect season to get cuddly and cozy by the fire! And there’s no fabric that screams cozy fall weather more than fur. The luxurious look and feel of a fur is undeniable. Whether you’re all wrapped up in a hayride or staying warm in the stands at a high school...

Create a Farmhouse Interior with These 5 Easy Essentials

by | Friday, April 15, 2016

The one thing I personally love about this modern farmhouse design trend is the ability for a room to appear open, large and full of light while still remaining cozy and comforting. Just like a home should be! This particular style also manages to find the perfect balance between vintage-inspiration and clean, cut modern essentials, which can help immensely in the transitioning of your home to a more contemporary look and feel. Sounds pretty amazing right? And totally gorgeous? Well, if you...