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Staff Favorites: Anna's Interior Design Style

by | Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Anna - Office Administrator "I call my personal decor style Farmhouse Chic with Industrial Influences. I prefer classic-looking pieces with a reclaimed wood aesthetic, painted wood pieces with an antique or vintage vibe, and metal accents. I like to invest in quality pieces that will last for decades and won’t ever feel dated. I prefer to stick to a neutral color palette and add color with curtains and vibrant pieces of art." ...

2018 Trend Alert: Into the Woods

by | Saturday, December 1, 2018

With winter quickly settling in, it’s finally the season of bonfires and flannel. There’s nothing better than a chilly night warming up by the fire, and a cozy living space is the perfect place to start. The charm of a rustic cottage is hard to deny, and we’re all about embracing the feel of a “grandma’s cottage” with a little dash of luxury. Shown Here: Mayo Furniture Sumter Stone Upholstered Sofa So how do you go about creating the perfect rustic home space? It’s all in the patterns. Plaid...

6 Styles of Rugs for Your Home

by | Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Purchasing a new rug can be intimidating. They can be a large investment financially, and the thought of choosing the wrong color for a piece that takes up so much space can seem daunting! When you first step into a home, it's one of the first things that grabs your attention. Through visual appeal and texture, a rug can seriously set the tone of an entire room. By taking a look at some of our favorite styles of rugs, we hope to ease the stress and provide a guide to help you decide which type...

Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room

by | Saturday, December 9, 2017

As the temperatures drop and the cold seasons set in, there’s nothing better than a cozy living room to make everyone feel welcome. Super soft throws and pillows make your couch even more comfy and assure your space makes everyone feel welcome and warm. When colder months mean staying indoors, combat the cabin fever with a warm and welcoming living area fit for parties and gatherings. Shown Here: Loloi Area Rug How do you achieve the perfect cozy environment? Start with your feet! A soft rug in...

How to Choose An Area Rug

by | Saturday, October 22, 2016

When it comes to buying an area rug for your home, it's important to consider what the driving forces behind your decision are. Area rugs are a major contributor to a room's overall feel, so making a thoughtful choice is the best way to prevent buyer's regret. Indoor vs. Outdoor First of all, will the area rug be purchased for the living room or for an outdoor living space? There are many different options in either category, but aspects like material, durability, and features differ. However,...

Meet the Designer - Joanna Gaines

by | Saturday, August 13, 2016

Who is Joanna Gaines? Everyone who knows Joanna Gaines knows she has a long list of accomplishments. The co-owner, co-founder, and lead designer of Magnolia Homes and Magnolia Market, the co-star of her own television show, a devoted wife to her husband, Chip, a proud mother of four, and last but not least, an incredibly talented designer. Surprisingly enough, Joanna never had formal training for design. Her talent began to grow as she met her future husband, Chip Gaines. At the time they were...