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Do you spend your days dreaming of the airy homes dotting picturesque coastlines, salty sea breezes floating in through open windows while the sunset dances off cresting waves? You're not alone, this summer has been full of hazy days spent longing for an ocean view, so we put together a list of ways you can turn your home into a coastal paradise. It just might be the next best thing for those of us who can't pack up and move there!


Nothing says ocean like driftwood. Driftwood accents make for truly gorgeous home decor in a any space that you want to feel coastal. Easily worked into airy or cozy spaces, driftwood items make great statement pieces. Try the Nantucket Bowl in the center of your dining or coffee table filled with ocean treasures, or the Nantucket Side Table to really make a statement. The Currey & Co Beachhead Mirror has a stunning driftwood frame that looks like each piece was carefully selected as it washed up on shore. Driftwood is one of the most beautiful accents to accents to a coastal home, each piece is unique, covered with a faded map that will tell you of its journey through the sea if you're only willing to listen.

Currey & Company Home Accessories | Beachhead Driftwood Mirror

Image Source: Interior Vouge

Translucent Glass

Another coastal staple our list wouldn't be complete without is translucent glass. Whether a lamp, a bowl, or another darling accent piece, translucent glass captures the spirit of the ocean in a way almost nothing else can. Light blues and greens are the colors to stick with, and as the light filters through them they bring to mind the sun reflecting off the waves on days spend relaxing on sand. Bring home the Arteriors Thom Table Lamp if you're a fan of the deep blue waters of Maine's rocky shores, or try the Arteriors Elyssa Lamp if the crystal clear aquas of the Caribbean are where you'd rather find yourself. Translucent glass is the perfect way to remind yourself of the way the light plays off the waves, and bring the ocean a little closer to home.

Coastal Interior Decor | Blue Translucent Glass Lamp

Image Source: Censational Girl


Linen will make a home feel airy and coastal without a doubt. Fill your bedroom with soft and crisp linen sheets and coverlets, and adorn your couches and chairs with linen pillows that are both comfortable and stylish. Let yourself be wrapped up in the cool comfort of linen, and be reminded of the gentle breezes rolling in from off the water. Choose white and tan linens for your bed, like the Bella Notte June Coverlet and Bella Notte June Sham, and transport yourself to afternoons laying on the sand while gazing up as clouds drift by. Navy and Gray pillows like the Eastern Accents Bamboo Knot Pillow and the Eastern Accents Seashell Pillow are perfect for accenting a white sofa, and bringing a pop of color into an open and airy living room.

Bella Notte Linens | Bella Notte June Coverlet

Shown here: Bella Notte June Coverlet

Bella Notte Linens | Bella Notte June Sham

Shown here: Bella Notte June Sham

Distressed Furniture

Between the sun, the sand, the waves, the beach has a way of giving things a lovely weathered look. To perfect your coastal space, distressed furniture is an absolute must. In soft muted colors with elegant distressing, these gorgeous pieces will set the perfect tone for your beach house style. From the Palma Queen Bed for dreaming of sand between your toes, the Lorene Indoor/Outdoor Table for gathering friends and family, or a Zuegma Wooden Table Lamp to top any end table with that perfect distressed wood piece. Capturing the spirit of the coast can be just as important as capturing the look when creating your coastal home, and distressed furniture speaks to the natural beauty of a weathered pier, or the cedar shake shingles of cape cod houses.

Aidan Gray Lighting | Aidan Gray Distressed Furniture

Shown here: Aidan Gray Furniture

Patterned Rugs

There are few other places where you'll find as many coastal inspired patterns as rugs. From the tropical Palm Breezy Rug to the soft coral Myrtle Rugs, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Rugs are something you can really have fun with in a space. There are even plenty of neutral colored rugs with lively patterns, like the Sable Rug with a clam shell pattern, the Schooled Rug which is a lovely beige rug with light blue fish darting across, and the Meduses Jellyfish Rug, which has a subtle allover jellyfish pattern. If you are feeling more bold with your space the Dock Rug has bold blue stripes, or the Sea Horsing Around will bring a huge statement to your floor. There's no right or wrong way to bring a rug into your coastal space, but it's certainly the easiest way to liven up your room with color and pattern!

Jaipur Coastal Rugs | Jaipur Schooled Area Rug

Shown here: Jaipur Schooled Rug


She sells sea shells by the sea shore...while that sentence is hard to say, filling your home with shells is not! Sea shell decor can make for stunning conversation pieces in a coastal home. Lowcountry Originals makes beautiful handcrafted chandeliers, each handcrafted out of shells from the coast of South Carolina. The Large Empire Chandelier will make a statement in any room, and the Waterfall Island Chandelier is a beautiful light fixture comprised of cascading shells. If lighting is too bold for you, you can try a mirror with a sophisticated shell frame, like the Currey & Co Oyster Shell Mirror, or the Arteriors Kipling Mirror. Taking shells and elevating them from knick-knacks to true pieces of decor helps them occupy a space, and will leave you feeling less like you've brought home clutter from the sand.

Lowcountry Orginals Lighting | Lowcounty Large Empire Chandelier

Image Source: Home Bunch

Lowcountry Orginals Lighting | Lowcounty Natural Shell Chandelier

Shown here: Lowcountry Large Empire Chandelier

From driftwood to linen, shells to patterned rugs, distressed furniture to translucent glass, it's never been easier to feel like you're living in a coastal home-even if you're far from the shore. Whether you want a few pieces to remind you of sunnier and saltier days, or you want a home that leaves you feeling like you'll step outside and put your toes right in the sand, you can use these coastal decorating tips to bring the beach home to you.