Create a Farmhouse Interior with These 5 Easy Essentials

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The one thing I personally love about this modern farmhouse design trend is the ability for a room to appear open, large and full of light while still remaining cozy and comforting. Just like a home should be! This particular style also manages to find the perfect balance between vintage-inspiration and clean, cut modern essentials, which can help immensely in the transitioning of your home to a more contemporary look and feel. Sounds pretty amazing right? And totally gorgeous? Well, if you feel the need like I do to start vamping up your home, here are some definite must-haves to creating your own farmhouse chic space:

Home Decor Design Trend | Farmhouse Interior | Orgnaization Wire Baskets

1. A Tisket, A Tasket...You Have to Have a Basket.

A frugal farmer never wastes, and same concept should apply to your furniture and home decor! Every item should have a place or function. A great way to create seamless organization and stay true to your farmhouse look is by using wire baskets like the Creative Co-op Industrial Basket Set and/or tin storage compartments like the Tin Planter Set from Creative Co-op to keep the clutter at bay and add some rural accents.

Home Decor Design Trend | Farmhouse Interior | Faux Fur Blankets & Pillows

2. It's Not All Fluff...

Let's not forget how cozy and warm the traditional farmhouse makes us feel. Try to add a touch of comfort by embellishing your bed or couch with some faux fur pillows and throws like the Fabulous Furs Blonde Mix Faux Fur Pillow. Or pile up the comforters like the Lazybones Rosette Quilt in Gray Stripe to keep your bed looking as fluffy and welcoming as possible.

Home Decor Design Trend | Farmhouse Interior | Wood Accents on Furniture

3. Wooden It Be Nice?

Back in the day farmhouses were built guessed it. Wood. So let your grains to the talking by including open faced wood accents on features like counter tops, chairs, cabinets and off course tables and consoles. A few pieces that truly embody this theme are the Regina Andrew Parquet Round Table and the Aidan Gray Britta Bookcase.

Home Decor Design Trend | Farmhouse Interior | Iron Glass Lighting Fixtures

4. Bigger and Brighter is Better.

Enhance your room by adding mirrors to primary wall spaces. This will help reflect the light coming into your home and make your space look larger than it actually is. Round mirrors are the best choice to pair with this style like the Currey & Company Monteleone Mirror or the more eccentric Arteriors Mariposa Mirror. Another trick to filling your space with light, is to pair iron and glass transitional light fixtures like the Currey & Company Saxon Chandelier and Viewpoint Table Lamp. The thin iron detailing will keep your lighting feeling industrial and light, while the glass features reflect and allow natural light to pass through.

Home Decor Design Trend | Farmhouse Interior | White Washed Walls

5. Take it Back to Basics.

Probably the most essential element to creating the farmhouse chic design is the color palette. White wash your walls to bring home the classic farmhouse feel. Stick to beige, grey and other neutral hues to keep your space look clean and kept. Allow the accent colors to focus around natural hues like greens, yellows, and lavender found in any greenery that you might accent your space with, any decorative pillow you might have, or any abstract landscape painting you might include. But for the most part, stick to white, white and more white.

Check out our Farmhouse Chic Collection to find the perfect modern-meets-rural pieces for your space! And send us a picture of your Farmhouse inspiration on Instagram @peacelovedecorating.