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Glossary of Home Decor


Items selected to enhance the bare-bones, neutral environment of a room. Accessories come in many forms from pillows to artwork and from rugs to lamps. Accessories are unique pieces that express personal decorating style and have the power to change a room from dull to dynamic.


A beautiful stone formed in concentric layers that gives a multicolored striped appearance, used in various jewelry pieces.

All-Natural Texture

Utilizing organic materials from nature and construct it in a decorative manner.


A semi precious gemstone that varies between pale green and a deep turquoise.


A popular jewelry gemstone known for its deep, attractive color.


An object that has been intentionally distressed and/or discolored to provide the appearance of age.


A large stand-alone piece used for clothing storage. Can also be used to conceal a television and/or audio visual equipment.


A pendant ornament adorning jewelry made of stone or medal. Historically, Native American's carved arrowheads from stones and attached them to the point of a spear used for hunting and protection. When used in jewelry making, they represent alertness.


A skilled handcrafter with a particular trade of profession.


a thin-jointed stem or a rattan pole used especially for furniture weaving and decor