Take a Stand: Finding the Perfect Nightstand

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It's time to take a stand - for nightstands, that is! The great part about choosing a nightstand is that there are so many versatile options in both design style and the way you accessorize. Lamps, photographs, books, and potted plants are just a few choices to adorn nightstands. A nightstand is essentially a blank canvas, so you can be as unique as you want!

It Takes Two

Two nightstands on either side of the bed is a classic look. If you're a fan of symmetry, adding a pair of matching lamps on either side completes this look perfectly. Choosing matching nightstands as part of a bedroom set or selecting a pair of nightstands with similar lines of other bedroom furniture is the way to go in this traditional approach.

Currey & Company Nightstand | Currey & Co Distressed Mirror Dresser

Shown here: Currey & Company Home Antiqued Mirror Chest of Drawers

Vanguard Custom Nightstand | Vanguard Bedroom Furniture

Shown here: Vanguard Furniture Custom Nightstand

Space Saver

Nightstands can be tricky when you're limited by space. Carefully measuring the room will help you figure out the dimensions you need. Depending on your space, you may only have room for one. But hey, there's nothing wrong with one night stand. If you are limited by space, consider keeping only the essentials on your night stand. A lamp, a small plant, and a few personal mementos will keep it cozy, but not cluttered. A basket underneath a small, narrow table will add some much-needed storage. If you love plants but don't have the space on your nightstand, hanging a trailing potted plant is the perfect solution.

Vanguard Custom Furniture Louis End Table

Shown here: Vanguard Furniture White Louis End Table

Vanguard Custom Side Table | Vanguard Bedroom Furniture

Shown here: Vanguard Furniture Custom Nightstand

Find the Perfect Small Nightstand | Space Saver Nightstand

Source: Jillian Harris - Love it or List it: Lyanne & Chris

Storage War

If you have plenty of space and need extra storage, large bedside tables with drawers, dressers, or cabinets work well. If you choose dressers as your bedside table substitution, make sure they are still easily reachable. The main purpose of a bedside table is convenience, and not being able to reach your alarm clock in the morning could become frustrating.

Vanguard Custom Furniture Nightstand | Vanguard Coltrane Side Table

Shown here: Vanguard Furniture Coltrane Side Table

Vanguard Custom Furniture | Vanguard White Dresser

Shown here: Vanguard Furniture Custom Dresser

Vanguard Michael Weiss Alister Chest | Vanguard Custom Furniture

Shown here: Vanguard Furniture Michael Weiss Alister Chest

Add a Pop!

Nightstands don't have to be blah. Choosing accent nightstands is a great way to incorporate color and tie together an existing color scheme. Matching an accent color in art or bedding creates a fun, cohesive design that will draw the eye. For an accent color to really pop, go with a bright, vibrant shade or a pretty pastel.

Brightly Colored Nightstands | Contemporary Bedside Tables

Source: Lonny Magazine

Mix & Mingle

Who said nightstands have to match? If you're looking to add an eclectic feel to your bedroom, consider mismatching tables. Keeping at least one major aspect in common, such as similar lines or correlating colors, will prevent the room from looking haphazard.

Mix & Matched Nightstands | Mismatched Beside Tables

Source: Decoist Web Magazine - Cortney Bishop Design

Mismatched Nightstands | Mixed & Matched Beside Tables

Source: Decoist Web Magazine - Jacob Snavely Photography

When selecting nightstands, keep in mind what feature is the most important to you: storage, space, style, etc. Once you find your perfect match, decorate away! Your nightstand is a reflection of your personality, so make it shine. If you're feeling inspired, head over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment. We would love to hear your thoughts!