Getting Back to Basics: Buying a Sofa to Stand the Test of Time

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What makes a piece of furniture great? Moments spent with loved ones, memories shared. It's true that furniture helps make a house a home. There are many things to consider when investing in a sofa, and things to keep in mind when buying that will ensure your sofa is a staple that you will love for years to come. Here a few to get you started!

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1. Don't Go Crazy With Color

It's always tempting to have a little fun with color. Between Pinterest and HGTV, when we finally get the chance to splurge on something like a new sofa we want to throw caution to the wind and buy the green velvet sofa of the week. Keep in mind that our tastes are constantly changing, trends come and go, and the bright colors and patterns that you think you'll love now might be a little harder to live with in six months. Stick with neutrals that will never go out of style like chic grays, tans, and creams. If color is a must, stick with sleek dark colors like navy or plum for something that won't wear out its welcome quickly. The beauty of a sofa with a basic color palette is that it works around everything else. You'll be glad for it when blue is the color of the year, and your gray sofa looks gorgeous with blue throw pillows and that blue tufted ottoman you picked up at the antique market. A neutral sofa is never out of style.

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2. Go For Custom

A custom sofa!? This may seem like an overwhelming idea, but imagine being able to get exactly what you want. Right down to the details, a custom sofa delivers your vision at top quality. Custom furniture is built to last with handcrafted frames and high quality upholstery, so you won't be sacrificing quality or style when you go this route. Choose your frame, choose your fabric, choose right down to little details like whether or not you want nail head trim, or a welt in a contrasting fabric. Custom sofas are an amazing opportunity to let you create your perfect sofa and have it delivered right to your door.

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3. Fashion vs. Function

The life of a sofa will (hopefully) be a long one. There are two factors to consider here: color and size. A beautiful cream couch might be just the thing you want, but if you have children or pets, remember that darker colors tend to hide stains with a little more grace. Stain repelling fabrics are also an option and are especially easy to care for. Secondly, consider the main use of your sofa. Does dad roughhouse with the kids while watching TV, or are you hosting quiet evenings drinking wine with friends? Both the number of people you expect to host on a regular basis, and the amount of strain they will put on your sofa are important factors to consider before you make your purchase. You don't want guests sitting on the floor, and you don't want the sofa breaking underneath you!

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4. Stick With Your Style

If you've always loved a particular style, don't start questioning it now. It's important to remember that a sofa commands attention, and the style of your sofa in many ways is going to create the feeling for the rest of the room. If you like to change things up, transitional sofas are a beautiful way to walk the line between traditional and contemporary, and you can easily swap less permanent furnishings like lamps and end tables for a fresh style as often as you wish. Traditional and contemporary sofas are more set in their designs. The room must follow the sofa. This is why the previous points of keeping colors basic are still important. Accessories can be easily swapped for a fresh feel, while a red sofa will always be red. Buy something you're sure you can live with.

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5. Make Sure You Love It

Perhaps the most important piece of advice on the list- make sure you love it! A sofa is a big investment, and sleeping on the decision never hurt anyone. Some things seem great in the moment, but if you take just a day to reflect you'll save yourself from making a mistake. Don't make an impulse purchase, shop around, see things in person if you can and order fabric samples if you can't.

Considering the above tips will help you find a staple sofa that will be sure to last no matter how your style or room changes over the years. Feel free to check out our wide range of custom couches and loveseats and give us a call for any other questions or advice you might need! Happy designing!

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