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Greenbox Art Oh Be Joyful - Canvas Wall Art

Additional Information:

Care Information

  • Avoid: hanging art in bathrooms or other places with a lot of moisture.
  • Avoid: hanging art in direct sunlight. While all our art is pinted with archival ink made with a UV inhibitor formula, hanging art in direct sunlight may cause fading.
  • To Clean: wipe with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth.


  • Avoid: leaning canvas art. Our canvas art pieces are intended to be hung vertically on a wall, and leaning may cause the canvas to warp.
  • If canvas appears too loose: lightly spritz the back of the canvas with clean water and gently blow dry to help tighten fibers.

Growth Charts:

  • Recommended: use permanent markers when marking child's height.
  • If chart becomes wrinkled: lay flat and iron the back side of the canvas on a low setting.

Artist: Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley is a passionate painter whose love for color and art have resulted in a highly original technique. Her paintings are bold, rich and playful and are created by layering free-flowing color and mark-making with carefully rendered organic forms. Bowley aims to capture the stories of magical places born from dreams, imagination, and a deep connection to all living things.