How Do You Settle on a Personality for Your Home?

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Interior design isn't as straightforward as it first appears. Even with an attractive color palette, tasteful decor and high-quality, hand-crafted furniture, you might still feel like your project is incomplete, lacking that essential element. You can make all the "correct" choices and still feel unhappy with the final product.

With this in mind, you need to take a different approach to interior design. You shouldn't select a color palette, decor and furniture just because you think someone else might find them appealing. The only opinion that matters is your own, and you should be comfortable in the space and satisfied with your decisions.

So, how do you bring a little "you" into your home? How do you settle on an aesthetic for your space that reflects your personality? While these questions don't have an exact answer, you can still follow some simple guidelines to move you in the right direction, away from the mistakes that others have made in the past.

We'll walk you through everything you need to know, touching on five simple suggestions to imbue your space with life.

Jaipur Living Rugs | Jaipur Delphine Rug from Maroc Collection

Shown Here: Jaipur Delphine Rug

1. Choose a Color Theme

Whether you live for neutrals or seek out bright pops of color, take the time to think about which color themes best reflect you. Giving your home personality with a signature set of colors can keep your design both unique and unified.

Color is one of the best ways to showcase personality in your home. Once you have a color theme in mind, you can select furniture and accent pieces that weave these choices into the overall style. Here are a few ideas:

· Clean, modern white with pops of color showing through in decorative rugs and vases

. Calming greens and browns supported with natural wood frames and houseplants

· Sleek gray paired with light pastels to create a warm, versatile space

Musical Interests

2. Highlight Your Interests

You might feel passionate about music, with a collection of guitars, vinyl records and memorabilia. Instead of storing these items in your closet or basement, bring them out into the open and re-purpose them as decor. It's only one example, but regardless of your hobbies or pastimes, the point remains the same.

Whether you like traveling, fishing, playing sports or something entirely different, your living space should highlight your interests. Moderation is important of course, but a little bit can go a long way if you know what to choose. You can even emulate your Zodiac sign with a few well-chosen pieces.

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines | Pillows and Throws

Shown Here: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Pillows and Throws

3. Search for Open Shelving Units

Open shelving creates an opportunity to display pieces of your personality. Souvenirs from past trips, houseplants and pictures will all fit nicely along rows of your favorite books, creating an attractive combination of colors.

As you determine the details of your design, you should search for an open shelving unit that blends well with your style. Once you've found something that agrees with the rest of your choices, find a way to incorporate the unit in a natural, non-intrusive way.

Brick Wall

4. Coordinate With Existing Features

It's critical to acknowledge the existing features of the area you're planning to change. While you might replace your floors or paint your walls, if this isn’t an option, let the space you’re working with inform your home’s personality. It can either complement your choices — bringing a sense of cohesion to the room — or it can detract from your design.

As you browse for items that reflect your personality, keep your flooring choices and wall colors at the front of your mind. Whether you're working a versatile space or have a classic style to accommodate, make sure to match or coordinate with these features. Otherwise, it'll cause conflict with the overall continuity.

Potted Plants

5. Evaluate Your Entrance

You don't need a novelty doormat with a silly phrase to bring personality to your home. You can also opt for other, more genuine options that feel far more inviting. Many of these options are inexpensive, and the easy addition of potted plants on either side of your door is an excellent place to start.

During the holidays, you can shop for a custom wreathe to hang on the door. If you have enough DIY experience and you're willing to take on a larger project, building and installing custom house numbers is also a fun, artsy way to beautify your home's exterior.

Giving Your Home a Personality

As you plan your projects and collect your supplies, consider the five suggestions above. When you opt for a signature color theme, add in some of your interests and honor your home’s existing features, you’re set to create a space that has a personality of its very own.

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