Insider's Insight: How to Layer & Style Your Favorite Necklaces

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If you're like me, the abundance of necklaces in your jewelry collection can seem quite overwhelming at times. Thankfully for us, the layering trend is booming so we aren't confined when it comes to accessorizing. Sometimes, however, having more free-range can be equally intimidating. Here are a few guidelines to help get you started and become a layering pro!

How to Layer Women's Necklaces | Chunky & Delicate Boho Necklace Layering

Delicate & Chunky:

Mixing up heft and weightiness of necklaces is something that is essential when I'm really trying to make a statement. Using more than one necklace and pulling from two totally different ends of the spectrum are an easy way to create an eclectic look. I love to take a small, dainty necklace such as the Geraldina White Bronze Small Tube Necklace and pair it with the Geraldina Jewelry Labradorite & Floral Pave Bead Necklace along with the Bittersweet Designs Textured Labradorite Long Necklace. These necklaces all have the same color palette to regulate similarity despite the differences in heft. The longer, heavier necklace acts as a frame for the shorter, dainty necklace while creating a bohemian layered look.

How to Layer Women's Necklaces | Lariat Boho Necklace Layering

The Lariat or "Y" Necklace:

When it comes to adding instant length, the lariat or "Y" necklace is making a comeback. I love this design, because it's essentially a layering piece all on its own. However, you can (of course!) never layer too much. For a more interesting look, pair with a short dainty necklace. The LeMel Circle Bezeled Stone Necklace with the LeMel Lariat Labradorite Beaded Necklace is a perfect example. Not only are we layering here, we're also mixing different textured materials which ALWAYS makes pulling together a look more intriguing.

How to Layer Women's Necklaces | Long & Short Boho Necklace Layering

Super Short with Super Long:

Create a dramatic effect with the two extremes: super short and super long. Having a starting point with these two designs leaves room for even MORE layering! However, if you're like me, I like to throw a curve ball every now and then with a little negative space incurred by the vast differences in designs. The Shannon Koszyk Crux Cross Choker paired with the Shannon Koszyk Momento de Mori Skull Necklace (there's that wonderful "Y" necklace again!) is a beautiful example of the contradicting designs working together in perfect harmony.

How to Layer Women's Necklaces | Statement & Simple Necklace Layering

Choose Your Statement First:

Almost always, I'm going to select my statement piece first when layering. Think: main role cast first, with supporting actresses to follow. The first piece always creates an idea from which to build a story. The Love Tokens Jewelry Horseshoe Turquoise Necklace pairs beautifully with the Love Tokens Jewelry Horse Coin Chain Necklace. These pieces work well together because they are related and embody the same theme.

How to Layer Women's Necklaces | Multi-layer Necklace Layering

Built In Layers:

Ok, I get it. Sometimes, it's just a lot of work to figure out what necklaces go with which and how to layer them. No fear, I even have a hack for those laid back moments: ONE necklace with built in layers! Now, you can deceive the best of them (maybe even me) into thinking you are a layering pro with one single clasp. Some of my favorites are the Bittersweet Designs Vintage Flower Buttons Seed Bead Necklace (which also falls under the super long layering category), the Regina Andrew Peruvian Opal Rainbow Quartz Necklace and the Bittersweet Designs Long African Tassel Necklace.