New Brand! Lili Alessandra Luxury Bedding and Pillows

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Lili Alessandra stands out in the home furnishing field for its uniquely designed decorative pillows that inspire both luxury and undeniable comfort. Luxury designer Lili Alessandra was left without a job after the corporation she worked for was bought out. She took an unprecedented six months off of working to travel Europe, and it was there she found the inspiration to pursue her designing dreams. Lili Alessandra founded Lili & Co in the fall of 2008. This turning point in her life jump started her design career and transformed her company into an established luxury brand.

Today, Lili Alessandra is a luxury bedding company that sells to high-end online stores and boutiques all across the country and even internationally. Lili’s flagship store is housed in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. When speaking to the feel of luxury bedding, Lili explains the influence that quality bedding can have in a space. “I think when you’re fixing up a room or want to update it, once you get the bedding on there it’s like the last minute jewelry or the bow on the box—it just finishes off the room.”

Shown Here: Lili Alessandra Twig European Pillow Ivory / Gold / Black, Lili Alessandra Black Fur Throw

Lili is passionate about artistic expression and she studied old textile designs in order to discover the unique look Lili Alessandra would exude. “It’s elegant, it’s classic, it’s timeless,” Lili says. “But at the same time it has to be for every day life.” Lili’s designs bridge the gap between luxury and that everyday, right-at-home feel. Her collections are both magnificent works of art for the eye and marvelous comfort for daily use. The Lili Alessandra aesthetic covers a wide range of designs. Both old-world inspired and neoclassical elegant, Lili Alessandra offers endless options of designs with pieces that can bridge gaps from modern to naturalistic.

Shown Here: Lili Alessandra

Lili attributes the brand’s success to her highly skilled team of designers and artisans. She says she has the most fun getting to design her new pieces, but the real talent comes from her artisan team who can translate those sketches into real, tangible works of art. The line of embellished decorative pillows are embroidered by hand and complete with semi precious stones, including tiger’s eye, amethyst and garnets. The result? Stunning bedding pieces that take your breath away with both their visual appeal and luxurious feel.

Shown Here: Lili Alessandra

Design colleague, Craig Aple helps select the high-quality fabrics that set Lili Alessandra pieces apart from the rest. Their selected velvets, linens and silks are hand chosen to be the base of each collection. This unique focus on texture and mixing fabrics continues into Lili Alessandra’s customization options. The Hand Printed Collection lets customers fully customize ANY design from Lili Alessandra. Customers can choose any bedding or curtain panels and select their preferred fabric choice for a piece that is uniquely their own. The beauty is in the details with Lili Alessandra as each design can be transformed based on the fabric selected.

Shown Here: Lili Alessandra Kylie Square Pillow Pewter / Antique Gold, Lili Alessandra Kylie Euro Border Pillow Pewter / Antique Gold / Platinum, Lili Alessandra Chestnut Fur Large Rectangle Pillow, Lili Alessandra Chestnut Fur Throw

To hear more about Lili Alessandra’s incredible story and brand, check out this video.

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