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Votivo Scented Candles

Experience the luxury of the Votivo scented candles! Votivo Candles was founded in 1994 and is one of the finest brands of scented candles on the market. Attention to detail and the dedication to the art of candle making make Votivo candles so special. Their Aromatic line includes the top-selling Red Currant fragrance recognized around the world.

Votivo Candles are soy-based and have a slow, clean burn. The scented fragrances are unique to Votivo and are formulated to perfection and then layered to create a complex, rich, deep fragrance when burned. The Aromatic collection remains Votivo's best selling candle. This collection includes 25 unique scents such as Bright Leaf Tobacco, Clean Crisp White, Forgotten Sage, Island Grapefruit, Red Currant and Smoke on the Water.

The Votivo packaging is as distinctive as the candle itself. Each candle is hand-wrapped and each seal is hand-pressed before the candle is placed in the decorative Votivo box. It is this attention to detail that makes Votivo candles special. If giving as a gift, all you need is to add a ribbon to the Votivo packaging.

Votivo has introduced new packaging for its Holiday scented candle collection. The Holiday packaging is done in box colors that correspond to the candle fragrances with accents of silver. These decorative boxes make for the perfect gift of seasonal fragrances.