Ways to Cozy Up Your Living Room

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As the temperatures drop and the cold seasons set in, there’s nothing better than a cozy living room to make everyone feel welcome. Super soft throws and pillows make your couch even more comfy and assure your space makes everyone feel welcome and warm. When colder months mean staying indoors, combat the cabin fever with a warm and welcoming living area fit for parties and gatherings.

Loloi | Area Rug

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How do you achieve the perfect cozy environment? Start with your feet! A soft rug in neutral hues puts your mind at ease the second your feet graze the floor. Pick a color and pattern to match your home’s interior and you’re set. Rugs help add instant depth to a room that might otherwise feel cold or empty. If your furniture is more modern, a large area rug can give your room instant warmth.

Loloi Empress Area Rug | Aqua & Beige GA

Shown Here: Loloi Empress Area Rug - Aqua & Beige

Now that the ground is set, turn your mind to the seating in your living room. When it comes to throw pillows, too much is never enough! Choose pillows that complement each other in color scheme and pattern. Throw pillows look best when grouped in pairs and trios on the end and middle of a large couch. For singular arm chairs, don’t add any more than one pillow per chair. Don’t be afraid to add in a fun pillow with fur or a bold color. These unexpected aspects make your living area feel real and livable instead of over-designed.

Magnolia Home Pillows by Joanna Gaines | Assortment

Shown Here: Magnolia Home Pillows by Joanna Gaines

The comfort doesn’t stop with pillows. Next, look for soft throws to toss over couches and chairs. A faux fur throw adds instant elegance to any room and provides a warm and classy touch to any space. Throw one on the end of a large sectional couch or toss a few in a basket in your living room for guests to use.

Donna Saylers Fubulous Furs | Faux Fur Throw

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With the seating covered, now it’s time to focus on the overall atmosphere of your living room to create the perfectly cozy environment. There’s nothing like a candle to set the tone for a comfortable and warm environment. Keep a couple of different scent options on hand for your living room. Whether you want a festive holiday candle or a lighter floral scent, it’s best to always have a few options to choose from when you want to light a candle. Make sure to stash a lighter or matches in nearby furniture and you’re set.

Sweet Grace by Bridgewater Candles | Assortment

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Candles aren’t the only flame to choose when setting up your cozy living room! Don’t forget about the fireplace. A crackling fire truly warms up any space and creates a mood that will makes anyone want to curl up with a blanket and a good book. Accessorize your fireplace with a stunning fireplace screen to add an instant air of elegance and serve a practical purpose for added safety.